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Ben Khatra, Nabil  
 Agronomist and Remote sensing
 Coordinator of Environment Program

Sahara and Sahel Observatory
Boulevard du leader Yasser ARAFAT 

Phone: + 216 71 206 633
Cellphone: +216 98 574 300
Fax: + 216 71 206 636

Thematic Expertise:
Agronomy, Environmental monitoring, Remote Sensing, GIS 

Regional Expertise:
Circum-sahara, North and West Africa in particular 

Daly-Hassen, Prof. Dr. Hamed  
 Researcher in Economics of natural resources

National Institute for Agricultural Research of Tunisia (INRAT)
Rue Hedi Karray 
1082 Tunis

Thematic Expertise:
Economic valuation of Ecosystem services Economics of land degradation Economic impact of climate change Economic evaluation Economic instruments applied to natural resources management 

Regional Expertise:
Tunisia Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region 

Essahli, Ms Wafa  
 Financial Strategy Officer

Residence le Patio
Appartement B23
Les Berges du Lac
1053 Tunis

Phone: +216 71102704
Cellphone: +21622251918
Fax: +21671190887
 Skype: wafa_essahli 

Thematic Expertise:
Environmental Information Systems - Monitoring-evaluation - Indicators - Policies 

Regional Expertise:
Africa - Circum-saharan zone 

Gamoun, Dr. Mouldi  

Range Ecology Laboratory Institut des Regions Arides (IRA) Medenine 4119 Medenine - Tunisia

Phone: +21697277824

Mongi, Prof. Dr. Sghaier  
 Head of laboratory "Economie et Sociétés Rurales"

Institut des Régions Arides, Médenine
El Fjč 
4119 / Médenine

Phone: + 216 75 633 844
Fax: + 216 75 633 006

Thematic Expertise:
Economie des ressources naturelles et environnement, suivi évaluation de la desertification, socio economie de la desertification, développement local, planification participative 

Regional Expertise:
Tunisie, Afrique 

Ouerchefani Bouzaida, Dr. Dalel  

Institute of Arid Regions
Eremology and Combating Desertification
4119 Médenine

Phone: 0021675633005
Fax: 0021675633006

Thematic Expertise:
Geoinformation for natural resources monitoring  

Ouessar, Dr. Mohamed  
 Coordinator of the RS and GIS Unit

Institut des Régions Arides (IRA)
Laboratoire d'Erémologie et de LCD
IRA - Route de Jorf km22
4119 Medenine

Phone: +21675633005
Fax: +21675633006
 Skype: ouessar 

Thematic Expertise:
Soil erosion and conservation, water harvesting, hydrological modelling, GIS, decision support systms 

Regional Expertise:
combating desertification, drylands management,