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Albergel, Dr. Jean  
 IRD representative for East Africa

IRD in East Africa
P O Box 30677
United Nation Avenue Gigiri 
00100 Nairobi

Phone: + (254 - 20) 722 47 58
Cellphone: + (254) 720 957 877
Fax: + (254 - 20) 722 40 01
 Skype: jeanalbergel 

Thematic Expertise:
Hydrology of cultivated catchment in arid and semi arid areas. Water and soil management in the dry lands. Water Harvesting Structures and Water Havesting Management. Runoff and erosion processes. Soil physics. Catchment modelling. Drought. 

Regional Expertise:
In west africa, permanent scientist in Mali (2 years), In Burkina Faso (4 years), In senegal (7 years), In Tunisa (6 years), in Kenya (3 years). Consultencies in Africa (West, North and East), in South America, Middle East and South East Asia.