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Kurban, Dr. Alishir  
 Remote Sensing and GISc for Arid Environment

Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography
Chinese Academy of Sciences
No.818,South Beijing Road 
830011 Urumqi

Phone: +86-991-7885458
Cellphone: +86-13009679594
Fax: +86-991-7885320
 Skype: alishir 

Thematic Expertise:
application of remote sensing and GIScience in Arid Environment, Landuse/Landcover mapping, vegetation mapping and monitoring, regional spatial data 

Regional Expertise:
Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Altay Mountain 

Ma, Dr. Hong  
 computer software,remote sensing Image processing

The Research The Research Institute of Forest
Resource Information Techniques
Beijing Haidian district Dongxiaofu No.1 
100091 Beijing

Phone: 010-62889159
Cellphone: 13661157379
Fax: 010-62888315

Thematic Expertise:
Asia region Desertification status map 

Regional Expertise:
China, Inner Mongolia, Desertification and Ecosystem Entironment observation 

Wang, Dr. Zhen-Ting  

Key Laboratory of Desert and Desertification
Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Lanzhou 730000

Thematic Expertise:
physics of windblown sand, desert geomorphology 

Wang, Dr Fei  
 Soil and water conservation, water resources
 Coordinator, Team Leader

Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, CAS and MWR
Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Northwest A&F University
Xinong Road 26 
712100 Yangling, Shaanxi Province

Phone: +86 29 8701 9829
Cellphone: +86 137 7211 9949
Fax: +86 29 8701 9829
 Skype: scichina 

Thematic Expertise:
Desertification; soil wind erosion; soil water erosion; soil and water conservation; water resources; conservation tillage; impact assessment of human activities; policy  

Regional Expertise:
Restoration of the Loess Plateau; "Grain for Green" Policy; runoff and sediment control of the Yellow River