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Alcoforado, Prof. Ihering  

Universidade Federal da Bahia
Faculdade de Economia
Departamento de Economia
Grupo da Piedade
Rua Marques de Caravelas, 237, 
40020010 Salvador -Bahia - BRAZIL

Phone: 557132837530
Cellphone: 557132837530
 Skype: iheringalcoforado 

Thematic Expertise:
Institutional Economics Planning Theory Envirnomental Economics Urban Economics Trasnport Economcs  

Barbosa, Prof. Dr. Marx Prestes  

Federal University of Campina Grande
Center for Technology and Natural Resources
Department of Agricultural Engineering
Laboratory of Remote Sensing & GIS
Rua Aprígio Veloso, 882 
58429-970 Campina Grande

Phone: 55 - 83 - 2101-1190
Cellphone: 55 - 83 -9104-9175
Fax: 55 - 83 - 2101-1400
 Skype: marxprestes 

Thematic Expertise:
General GeologyNatural disastersDesertification and climate variabilityRemote Sensing & GISEnvironment and GenderGarbage, recycling and selective collectionPublic policy 

Regional Expertise:
Northeast Brazil - SemiaridWest Paraná microregion - Medianeira municipality 

Koenig, Dr. Konstantin  

Amazone Initiative

Thematic Expertise:
Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity, Tropical Ecology Spatial Modelling, Remote Sensing, GIS 

Regional Expertise:
West Africa Amazônia 

Mattos, Dr. Luis Cláudio  
 Environment Incentives Specialist

Projeto Dom Helder Camara
Sertão Project
Francisco Alves, 84 
50070-490 Recife/PE

Phone: (55) (81) 3301-1355
 Skype: lcmattos 

Thematic Expertise:
Soil and water management, agroecology, environment services for small farmers 

Regional Expertise:
Sustainable Development across Brazilian Semiarid Region